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If you think something is wrong with your internet, please follow our power cycle images below.
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First, locate the router and the POE box you will need to unplug both from the sockets to reboot the router. The lights on the front of the router will turn off, leave them unplugged for at least 1 minute. We also recommend checking that all of the cables are inserted correctly. Follow the diagrams below to ensure your router is connected as required.
1) Ethernet cable – from the router blue WAN socket to the LAN port on the POE box (5 Antenna Router)

Ethernet cable – from the router LAN1 socket to the LAN POE box (2 Antenna Router)

2) Ethernet Cable – from the POE box to your wall socket
Plug your router back in and after 1 minute you should have the following 5 lights illuminated on the front, this shows your router is now connected properly.
If you have any devices that are connected via ethernet cables, the following lights will also illuminate.
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